Chapter 12
Volume 3
Release Aug 4, 2012 (Translated)
Pages 27
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Everybody is talking about Izumi's debut, while Izumi is at his home ordering all kinds of Ryouma merchandises. Rei finds out about it and asks Izumi if he is in love with Ryouma. Izumi says he isn't, but Rei says that if he ever falls in love with Ryouma, he won't obeject it, because Ryouma is in his opinion a good guy.

Meanwhile Ryouma is making a lot of mistakes while they are filming a drama and the Izumi shows up and everbody at the set is trying to get close to him. Ryouma gets irritated and takes Izumi away. They go to a private room and there Ryouma asks how Izumi acutally feels about him.