Chapter 17
Volume 4
Release Jun 4, 2013 (Translated)
Pages 39
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The chapter starts with an unknown person arriving in Japan and being amazed by Izumi.

Ryouma and Izumi are together watching the commercial Izumi plays in. They both seems to be lonely because they have both have busy schedules and they end up having sex.

Meanwhile Rei's plan is going as planned. Izumi will start out with TV spots and gravure photoshoots to get used to the business while simultaneously increasing his popularity, but he's still unsure if Izumi should do some singing or acting. When he was thinking about that his phone rang and it seems Kisaragi Jun called and asked Izumi to act in a drama. Rei runs to Izumi to tell about it and Izumi accepts it after hearing that the producer of the drama is the same producer as the one movie where Ryouma got his debut.

Meanwhile Ryouma is done with his taping. When Jin appears and kisses Ryouma. Ryouma gets angry and hits him. Jin asks if Ryouma wants to play in his new drama, but he immediately refuses. When he was about to walk away Jin says that Ryouma and that new guy would make such an intriguing pair of main character. Ryouma get curios who that 'new guy' is and suddenly gets a message from Izumi saying that he will be is drama serie and that it's one of Kisaragi Jin's works. He immediately calls Izumi saying that he shouldn't accept that role, but Izumi tells him he allready accepted it. Then he closes his phone and runs in search for Kisaragi.

Meanwhile Izumi is at the place where he would be meeting Kisaragi for the role in the drama. Kisatragi comes in a little bit late and apologizes for that, but when he saw Izumi he tries to molest him. When Ryouma walks in and gets Kisaragi of Izumi. Ryouma tells Izumi all about Kisaragi and says he has to refuse to play in the drama, but then Rei walks into the room and says that he finished the contract agreement. Now the only thing Ryouma can do is also play in the drama to protect Izumi.