Chapter 22
Volume 4
Release Apr 6, 2014 (translated)
Pages 27
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Izumi arrives at the place where the filming is hold and the first thing he did was confess his love to Ryouma. But Rei grabs Izumi and runs away. Rei tells Izumi he can't become a seme. Izumi knows this, but he really wants to tell Ryouma he loves him and when the hypnosis is gone he wants to apologize for the fight. However Izumi can't get any time alone with Ryouma.

After the first episode aired it received a 22.4% viewership rating and they decide to celebrate this in a hotel.

Later on in the hotel Rei gives Ryouma Suiken and Ryouma immediately becomes drunk. He brings Ryouma to a hotelroom and gives Izumi the\ key to the room and leaves everything up to him.