Chapter 25
Chapter 25
Volume 5
Release Nov 29, 2014
Pages 31
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The chapter starts with Shougo arriving at the place where Rei and the filming crew are. When Rei sees him he gets emotional and they together go to an empty room. There Rei tells Shougo that everything that happened is his fault, but Shougo comforts him, gives him a kiss and says that nothing of this incident is his fault.

Meanwhile Ryouma has taken Izumi up on his offer. As he licks and kisses Izumi’s skin, Ryouma begins to notice little things–familiar things, like how sweet Izumi’s skin tastes and afterwards they have sex. They fall asleep in each other’s arms. The next day they get rescued and go back to the mansion where everybody is releaved that Ryouma and Izumi are safe back. As Kisaragi begins shouting out orders to prepare to start shooting again that afternoon, Ryouma approaches him for a private conversation. He has a request to make: Ryouma asks him to hypnotize him again, because he wants to remember everything about Izumi again.

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