Chapter 7
Volume 2
Release Nov 10, 2011 (Translated)
Pages 32
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After making up with Ryouma and exchanging numbers, Ryouma keeps sending mails to him which gets on Izumi's nerves. After his classes ended he went to his club (the manga researcg club) where he saw Ryouma. After getting in a little fight, Izumi allowed him to stay for a while and showed Ryouma his manga. Although Ryouma didn't really got his drawings he told Izumi his drawing was really beautifull.

The next day Izumi realizes that there is only one day left to the deadline for the manga contest and he won't make it in one day on his own and decides to call Ryouma if he can help him. Ryouma stays the whole night helping Izumi. When Izumi fell a sleep he gave him a little kiss when he suddenly got called by the company president where he is working.



Ryouma giving Izumi a kiss while he is sleeping