Izumi runs into a construction site after attempting to escape a mob of fans, momentarily believing he is safe, until a nearby gang recognizes his face from TV, and decides to do a 'second check' in hopes that Izumi is actually a girl. He nearly escapes after the members lift his shirt and discover his male identity, but the innocent face he makes as he struggles has the same strong effect on the gang leader, who decides to continue with assaulting Izumi. As the three members begin to harass him, Izumi comes to a firm realization: He is disgusted by the touch of every man, save for one. And that man is Ryouma.

Filled with a newfound goal, Izumi breaks free from his captors grasp and starts down the street, running straight into Kuroi. The two head to a nearby restroom, where Izumi comes clean about the whole experience with Kuroi, who in turn explains his theory about Ryouma. Izumi secretly decides to confess his love to Ryouma, and as he dashes through the door, Kuroi becomes certain that Ryouma and Izumi are in love-and he's quite happy about it.

Back at the house, Ryouma is sulking in his bedroom, worried about what Izumi's feelings are. Izumi appears at the door demanding that Ryouma let him in. Without warning, Izumi rushes into Ryouma, kisses him and begs him for love.

Ryouma is shocked by the sudden turn of events, but readily agrees to the request.

The episode ends with a commercial that features Izumi and a cameo appearance of Jin.