Episode 7
Japanese Title コレッテモシカシテ
Romanized Title Korette moshikashite
English Title Could This Be...
Airdate Aug 21, 2014
Theme Music
Opening LΦVEST by SCREEN mode
Ending CLICK YOUR HEART!! by Kazutomi Yamamoto
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Next Episode Episode 8
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Ryouma accepts his offer, but after seeing Izumi's scared look, he stops and walks away saying Izumi shouldn't take Ryouma's feelings lightly. Izumi doesn't really care at first and goes to sleep, but when he wakes up and sees all the things Ryouma did for him he feels guilty about hurting Ryouma's feelings. Meanwhile Ryouma feels stupid for not taking the only chance he had to do things with Izumi, but he couldn't continue while Izumi was crying like that.

Still at Ryouma's place, Izumi decides to leave his house after "cleaning" up a bit. Just when he was about to leave Ryouma arrives home. It seems that he went to the author of Lalalulu and asked him to look at Izumi's manga and the author wrote a special note for him. Izumi says that he will try harder and he will make his debut in show business. Afterwards, they both go back to Izumi's house.

Once there, Rei starts crying out of happiness because Izumi is finally back and falls asleep afterwards (He didn't sleep for days because he was so worried).

Before Ryouma wanted to leave, he and Izumi had a conversation. Izumi told him he was really thankful and tells Ryouma that he is like a big brother for him. Ryouma kisses Izumi saying he is nothing like a big brother and leaves. But Izumi's heart starts beating fast and he starts blushing. Maybe this is love?