Episode 8
Episode 8
Japanese Title ΦLove STAGE 男達の流儀
Romanized Title Φ Love Stage otokotachi no ryūgi
English Title Love Stage Men's Style
Airdate Aug 28, 2014
Theme Music
Opening LΦVEST by SCREEN mode
Ending CLICK YOUR HEART!! by Kazutomi Yamamoto
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Izumi starts to realize his feelings towards Ryouma, but he's also quite worried since Izumi's day of debut is approaching slowly.

On the day of Izumi's debut he gets really nervous and Ryouma kisses him and says that everything will be all right.

First Ryouma appears on the stage, telling everybody what this press conference is about. Then Izumi comes dressed as the girl from the wedding commercial. Afterwards he takes of his female clothes and Shougo comes saying that Izumi is his little brother and he is making his showbiz debut.