Jin Kisaragi
Biographical Information
Kanji 如月
Job Producer
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Manga Volume 4 Chapter 17
Anime Episode 10 (Cameo)
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
Jin is a producer who is known for picking new actors who later become hit stars. Ryouma had even scored his breakout role through a drama that Jin had produced. He offered Izumi a leading role in a drama series that he was producing, noticing his potential. He was also the reason why Ryouma lost his memories of his relationship with Izumi and why Izumi got over his nerves when he began acting (by hypnotizing them both into forgetting their troubles).


He has an easy-going personality, but when it comes down to his job as a producer he can become really serious. Despite his job, he is known to sexually harass those whom he finds attractive. This is the primary reason why Ryouma greatly dislikes him, revealing how he endured such harassment from him and why he no longer wished to work with him again.

Jin also attempted to force himself onto Izumi upon meeting him and even wanted to take advantage of Rei (when he was in an emotionally vulnerable state following Izumi and Ryouma falling off the cliff in the manga). However, when Shougo arrived in order to see Rei (who had called him about the matter) and Jin noticed that the two appeared to be romantically involved, he reacted in mere disappointment.

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