Kojirou Ryuuzaki
Biographical Information
Kanji 竜崎 虎次郎
Horoscope Cancer
Birthday June 30
Job President of B-dash
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 178cm
Weight 66kg
Blood Type O
Manga Volume 2 Chapter 8
Anime Episode 5
Voice Actors
Japanese Showtaro Morikubo

Kojirou Ryuuzaki is the president of B-dash. He has apparenlty been with his secretary Hidaka for a long time. He looks young, but is actually about middle aged. He is Ryouma's boss and, when suspecting he was involved with Izumi, was furious given that he is a part of his rival company SenoPro.

Personality Edit

He is seen as strict, short tempered and yells a lot when he's angry and tends to condradict himself on points he's trying to make. He often stands on top of his desk whenever he becomes angry.

Appearance Edit

While he looks young, he is actually in his forties. He has long blonde hair that's in a low pony tail, he has red velvet eyes, light skin and wears a purple shirt with white pants.

History Edit

Not much is known about Kojirou, only that he is president of B-dash and is Ryouma's boss. He is shown to be short tempered, as shown whenever a client is late to meet him. It is hinted at that his company is rivaled with SenaPro, given his reaction to the idea of Ryouma and Izumi dating (when seeing their wedding commerical) and knowing that Izumi is Shougo's younger sibling.


  • His favorite food is meat.
  • His least favorite food is veggies.