Love Stage Ova
Japanese Title チョットジャナクッテ
Romanized Title Chotto janakutte
English Title It Wasn't Just "a Little"!
Airdate Nov 22, 2014
Theme Music
Opening LΦVEST by SCREEN mode
Ending CLICK YOUR HEART!! by Kazutomi Yamamoto
Previous Episode Episode 10
Bundled with volume five of manga. The ova will be covering chapter 16.


It's been two weeks since Izumi and Ryouma became a couple and Ryouma can finally return to Tokyo after his filming ended.

Meanwhile Izumi heard about the news and isn't happy at all. He asks Rei to tell Shougo that Ryouma and Izumi are going out tomorrow, knowing that Shougo would definitely ruin their date.

The next day Ryouma wakes up early and gets ready for his date with Izumi, but when he came to pick Izumi up he sees that Shougo and Rei are joining them too. Izumi tells that Shougo found out about their plan and says he's sorry. Still they go to the amusement park.

However at the amusement park Ryouma is riding all the attractions with Shougo and if this continued, this day's gonna wind up having been Ryouma's and Shougo's date, so he thinks of something. Ryouma challenges Shougo to go into a grand maze and suggest to make it a contest. While Shougo runs into the maze, Ryouma waits and runs out of it.

Ryouma grabes Izumi's hand and runs off with him. Izumi stops him and yells 'no!'. Ryouma asks what was  wrong. Izumi tells him that if they are alone Ryouma would want to have sex with him and finally tells him that the last time they did it, it really hurt his butt. Ryouma was shocked and walked away..

One week later Izumi didn't hear anything from Ryouma. Izumi tells Rei about the problem and Rei suggests that Izumi might need to turn the tables. Izumi thinks that he can be the seme instead of the uke and so he leaves to go the Ryouma's house.

There they both apologize. Ryouma says he's been studying and swears that this time he won't hurt Izumi. Afterwards they do it again and Izumi ended up liking it.


Ova Preview 1

Ova Preview 1