The opening song of the Love Stage anime.


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Video full:

Love Stage!! Opening Full03:43

Love Stage!! Opening Full

Short anime version:

Love Stage!! Opening 「LΦVEST」 HD01:30

Love Stage!! Opening 「LΦVEST」 HD


Hacha mecha na ren ai jijou no sono sakini
Egakitai yo bokura shika tsukurenai love stage!!

Ippo tsuukou no boku kara no sign
Kyou mo kippu kirarete jichou gimi sa
Minogashi souna kimi kara no fragment
Chanto uketomete miseru kara never stop

Ichizu sa mo tomadoi mo ai yue darou
Soushisou ai → muri nandai no no
Nori koe rarete ikou ka

Hacha mecha na ren ai jijou no sono saki ni
Okiru koto wo subete kanji to tte mitai yo
Harisake souna gurai koi shite nakya
Egakenai yo bokura shika tsukurenai love stage!!

Chikadzuita bun mienai other side
Koi wa mujun darake sa jimon no ru∞pu
Ashinmetorii na futari no hou ga
Jishaku mitai ni umaku ikanai mon ka naa?

Kanchigai mo shippai mo mirai e no hane
Bukiyouni ami konde as one
Toberu twenty four seven

Sekaijuu ni michiteru sen no kotoba yori
Kimi e mukete hashiri dashita kanade todoketai
Tsugi haki darake no riaru wo kasanete
Niido to konai toki wo wakachi aitai
LφVEST time!

Kizutsuki kizutsuke mislead
Kizue to shimikomu missing you
Nogareyou nai kurai, karada juu kimi de michiru

Hacha mecha na renai jijou no sono sakini
Okiru koto wo subete kanji to tte mitai yo
Boku to kimi to igai jama wa saseya shinai
Kitto zutto bokura shika tsukurenai LφVEST stage!

Kimi igai ai senai you are the LφVE!

Before this turns into a messy love affair
I want to sketch out the lovest stage that only we can create

Signs from me are one-way traffic, today I get another traffic ticket punched
There's a feeling of self-deprecation
Fragments from you are so easy to miss,
I'll show you I can take them all in so please Never stop!

"Earnestness” and “Confusion”too,
"How can they not be caused by love?”
Is mutual love an unreasonable demand?! NO! NO!
"Don't you think we can jump over this hurdle?"

Before this turns into a messy love affair
Whatever happens, I truly want to feel and experience it all
We have to experience a love that at least is bursting at the seams
I can't sketch it out? The lovest stage that only we can create

It's coming closer, the other side I couldn't see
Love is a loop of self-questioning
This would be easier if we were asymmetrical
Just like a magnet we can't easily leave each other, right?

Failure and misunderstanding are the wings to the future
We were awkwardly woven as one,
and we'll fly 24/7

The world is full with more than 1000 words
I ran towards you and caught you
The next time I will keep reversing somebody else's real
Since I want to share more time with you
LφVEST time!

Wounded and hurt mislead
Sinking into pain, missing you
There's no escaping this darkness, it has already been spread throughout your body

Before this turns into a messy love affair
I will experience everything that will happen and see it with my own eyes
If you don't love me that much, I will tear up
The Love Stage I can never ever create

It's not love with anybody else but you, you are the Love

Translator note:
This translation was made by Eucliwood1. It might not be the best and I will put a better version when someone who is better in Japanese puts a translated version, so please bear with it for now ^-^

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